Buhari Maintains; some Ministers wont get Portfolio, Give Reasons

All is set for the inauguration of the Federal Executive Council following President Muhammadu Buhari’s receipt of the confirmed list of ministers-designate from Senate President Bukola Saraki.

The would-be ministers will attend a retreat in Abuja to prepare them for the task ahead. They may be sworn in next week as the retreat is expected to end on Friday.

President Buhari has insisted that not all the ministers would get portfolios.

He thanked the Senate for clearance of his nominees, adding that he had followed constitutional provision in picking his team. The Constitution said there must be a minister from each of the 36 states.

“That was why I limited the number to 36”, the President noted, adding: “The Constitution said there must be one member of the cabinet from all the states but the Constitution did not say I must have 36 ministries.”

But he said the country could not afford a large carbinet because of the prevailing economic realities.

The economy, he said, had been battered, explaining that he was being factual by saying it as it is and “not to scare investors as the opposition is claiming”.

“Any investor who is interested in investing in Nigeria will know about the economy. So, when I talk about the position of the economy, I am also looking for investors,” Buhari said.


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